Sump Pump Tank

A sump pump tank is the hole that contains the sump pump  pump.  The tank is also called the basin, crock, pit, or sump pit.  They are sometimes made out of clay, sometimes tile, fiberglass, concrete, steel, or polythylene.  These pits can be varying sizes.  The standard one has a diameter of about 18 inches.  They are usually between 2 and 3 feet in depth.  It is best to put the tank in the lowest part of your basement.  This way the water will collect in the basin and be pumped out.  It is important to put a sturdy cover over your sump pit so that nothing can fall in.  There should be a small hole in the cover so that only water can flow through .  There is also a hole inside the actual basin where the drainage system pipe connects and carries the water out.  Many manufacturers that sell sump pumps also sell fiberglass or polypropylene tanks that are specially fitted to the pumps they sell.   « Back Home to Sump Pump Information