Sump Pump Parts

New sump pumps in America are standardized and must all contain the following pump parts:

  • Sump liner. Usually plastic or metal canister. 15 to 25 US gallons.
  • A pump, you can choose from a 1/3 or 1/2 horsepower pump.
  • A set of pipes that go from the pump to a check valve and then out your home.
  • A check valve that makes sure water doesn't flow backwards and go back into the pump.
  • A sump cover. This is to ensure that mice or cats can't fall in.

It is also possible to have a second unit that is a battery back up sump pump. This system runs on batteries and will work if the primary pump fails. To set up one of these battery back up pumps you will need the following.

  • A unit that is battery-powered and 12 V. This one needs its own water level sensor, piping, and check.
  • A car battery.
  • A typical trickle chargecar battery charger. You can find this at any auto parts store.

If you are looking into buying a pumping unit make sure you read our buying a sump pump guide.

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