Flotec sump pumps

Learn about the best-selling Flotec sump pumps and choose which is the perfect pump for your home.

1. Flotec 1/3 Horsepower Pedestal Sump Pump Model Number 5020B
This Flotec sump pump not only features a 3.5 amp motor, but also has automatic thermal overload protection included. It has the power to pump up to 3000 gallons per hour! Aesthetically, this pump includes a plastic base and rust resistant steel drive shaft. The distributor also says that this Flotec model can run for a long time because of its fan-cooled motor and metal switch arm. This makes this pump very durable and able to take care of all of your pumping needs. Its low-amp pull makes for a cooler operating pump. This model is recommended in sump basins that are 12 inches or larger.

2. Flotec 1/3 Horsepower Thermoplastic Submersible Sump Pump Model Number 2960
This Flotec sump pump is best used when you have “smaller” pumping needs. It features a 115 Volt pumping motor and is listed as being able to pump up to 1200 gallons per hour. It includes the side and bottom intake feature with this sump pump model that eliminates clogging. It also comes with an automatic float switch with a piggy back plug attached. Just like the Flotec 5020B sump pump, this unit also includes the feature of having a low-amp pull for longer and cooler operation.

3. Flotec Ironmater Submersible Sump Pump — 1/2 HP, Model Number FPS4550A
The third best-selling Flotec model is the ½ horsepower model. It includes a cast-iron motor housing. This insures a longer lasting and more durable pump. Another plus to this Flotec sump pump is it’s thermally protected, oil-filled motor. Switching is also easy with this model. A vertical float switch allows for easy operation and also fast installation if your other sump pump needs to be replaced. The distributor says that this Flotec sump pump is optimal because it can replace most other pedestal style sump pumps without having to make plumbing changes.

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