MRSA and Staph Infections Information is run by MRSA patients who have been fighting MRSA for two years. They have experienced the pain and frustration that goes with recurring staph infections that don't seem to go away. All information on this site is first hand experience and information from doctors. This information does not, however, replace the need for a physician.

We hope that our experience and knowledge can help others prevent and rid themselves of this super bug.

My Story
My battle with staph infections began about 2 years ago when my boyfriend got his first infection on his neck. He thought it was an ingrown hair from shaving. When he went to the pharmacy, he asked the pharmacist if there was anything over the counter he could buy for it, the pharmacist took a look at it and said it was probably an ingrown hair and told him to "dig it out." This was our first mistake. Instead of seeking proper medical advice from a physician, we went with a guess. So he dug it. And more yellowish/green pus came out of the wound than you can imagine. He never went to the doctor for that infection, it hurt for days, but finally appeared to heal. About a month later both my boyfreind and I got another staph infection. This time we had heard about what a staph infection and after I did some research on the internet, I was convinced that's what our sours were. We both went to our respective doctors and were both put on antibiotics. Soon after My boyfriends parents also got strange bumps. His dad's grew large and was severely painful. When they went to the doctor, their doctor took a sample of the pus and tested it. This is when we discovered we not only had a staph infection, but more specifcally MRSA.

All along we got different answers from different doctors. My doctor perscribed one antibiotic while his perscribed another. One doctor said use the ointment for 2 weeks, one said a month, one said a few days.