1. Apply silicone sealant into the hole where the pipe comes out of the house.
  2. Complete the connections in order to run the water at least four feet away from the house.
  3. Attach a 1 1/2 inch by three inch increaser on the end of the pipe to spread out the water flow.
  4. Next, attach corrugated pipe to the PVC pipe. This will dispense the water even more.
  5. Place gravel around the corrugated pipe to keep it in place.
  6. Plug in the sump pump.
  7. Place the cover over the sump pump.

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Sump Pump Installation Guide Table of Contents
Sump Pump Installation - Setting Up
Sump Pump Installation - Dressing the Pump
Sump Pump Installation - Running Pipe
Sump Pump Installation - Drainage System Installation

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