How to Fix a Sump Pump

If you have identified your pump as mafuncioning or broken, it is easy to repair on your own. Just follow these easy steps on how to fix a sump pump and you will have a new, functioning sump pump replacing that old broken one in no time.


  1. Unplug your unit for safety before beginning to fix the sump pump.
  2. Disconnect the pump from the drain line by either unscrewing it or unfastening it.
  3. Take the pump out of the pit and let it drain. Keep any plastic piping or fitting, you'll need these for your new pump.
  4. Take the old pump to your hardware or home improvement store and ask a clerk to help you find a replacement that uses the same power source and has the same drain hookups as the old one.
  5. Take your new unit home and reattach the pipes the same way they were attached to the old unit.
  6. Put the pump inside the pit and reattach it. Plug it into the power source and test it to make sure it works. (Test it by either raising the float or filling it with some water).

Now that you have repaired your sump pump, be sure to learn how tomaintain your sump pump properly so that you don't have to go through the trouble of fix it again anytime soon.

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« Back Home to Sump Pump Information

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