Little Giant sump pumps

Learn about the best-selling Little Giant sump pumps and choose which is the perfect pump for your home.

1. 10 Big John Sump Pump 70 Gallons Per Minute
This Little Giant sump pump called the “Big John is one of the best to buy if you want an efficient pump that is virtually problem free when you have to remove large amounts of water. It comes with the option to run it on manual or automatic and also has an adjustable switch to give the user many options to suit their needs. The maker says that this model is great for use in projects such as excavation, crawl space, loading docks, fire cleanup, and any other use that needs high volume water removal.

2. 10SH Solids Submersible Ejector Pump 120gpm
This model is one of a series of Little Giant Submersible Ejector sump pumps. It is designed to manage the tast of waste transfer pumping while also allowing for high efficiency and long-term durability. This model is also available in either manual or automatic. Little Giant developed this sump pump specifically to use for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural uses that have light to medium transfer demands. Some uses for this model are: dewatering and wastewater handling where materials need to be moved upward from a collection area and to sewer or other drainage areas.

3. 14EH High Head Effluent Pump 60gpm
This model is called “The Eliminator. It is also part of the submersible line and is designed specifically to handle the demands of effluent, septic, and sewage waste transfer with a high degree of dependability. The Eliminator series of Little Giant sump pumps are best used in residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural settings that need light to medium transfers. This pump is ideal for handling upward movement from a collection area to a sewer line or other drainage area.

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