1. Glue the male adapter to the PVC discharge pipe, then place into the female adapter on the pump.
  2. Using a 1/4 inch drill, make a hole into the discharge pipe six inches above the pump. This is called a weep hole, which allows water to flow back into the pump when it's turned off to keep it primed.
  3. Attach the pumps electrical cord to the discharge pipe using wire ties.
  4. Install a check valve on the open end of the discharge pipe. Tip: make sure you use a check valve that is made for vertical operation.
  5. Place the pump into the sump.
  6. Read the rest of the Sump Pump Installation guide:
    Sump Pump Installation Guide Table of Contents
    Sump Pump Installation - Setting Up
    Sump Pump Installation - Dressing the Pump
    Sump Pump Installation - Running Pipe
    Sump Pump Installation - Drainage System Installation

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