Sump Pump Cover

It is very important to have a cover for your sump pump tank.  It can keep things that you do not want to find in your tank out. For example, It will keep your household pet from accidently falling in when curiosity strikes.  It can also keep mice and rats out of your pit.  Think of the lovely smell a dead rat would leave if it died while trapped at the bottom of your pump pit.  Additionally, a cover can make your basement a safer environment for children.  

You can find these sump covers in a variety of sizes.  You are sure to find one that fits your tank.  In fact, they are often sold together.  Not just a variety of sizes, but you can also find a variety of materials they are made from.  The popular form being 1/4 inch thick PVC.  They usually come with atleast 2 openings.  One is so that you can put power cords through sealed holes.  Another is for drainage.  Often you can even use a radon proof drain in this opening.  They usually also come with plugs so that you can plug up any opening you do not wish to use.  Also look for a cover with an edge that is beveled at a 45 degree angle.  This will ensure you get a tight fit between cover and tank.  

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