Wayne makes another great line of sump pumps. Here are three Zoeller Sump Pump Reviews. These sump pumps of the ones that are said to be the "best."

Wayne PTU33 1/3 Horsepower Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump

Wayne makes these lower-priced pedestal sump pumps that give customers a more economic solution when trying to keep their basements dry. The PTU33 has a thermoplastic housing that is rust resistant. The bipolar float switch gives you a positive on and off action that allows for years of use. It also has a user-adjustable on and off cycle that allows the user to change the operating cycle to suit their needs. The motor is air cooled that prevents the unit from overheating. This is a very important feature to insure long life. All in all, this is a great model to consider if you want a low cost pump to handle your needs.

Wayne Submersible Sump Pump 1/3 Horsepower CDU 790

The largest maker of sump pumps in the market has done it again with their CDU 790 submersible model. The housing is made of cast iron that helps your pump live a longer life. It's mechanical floating switch allows for very reliable operation and they can also be installed in basins as small as 11 inches in diameter. The CDU 790 has a heavy duty oil filled motor that will also help it maintain longer life. Another great cosmetic feature with this one is its stainless steel fasteners. These things won't rust folks!

3/4 Horsepower Wayne CDU 980

The CDU 980 has a stainless steel housing that allows for top notch rust resistance as well as a heavy duty cast iron pump for long life. This model is designed for basements that have often to frequent water issues. Its higher flow rates and top notch craftsmanship will mean a longer lasting sump pump for you and your home. The 3/4 Horsepower motor is oil filled as well as thermally protected. The impeller in this unit is glass reinforced and will allow you to get more years out of your Wayne sump pump. This model will allow an astonishing 4300 GPH with a only a 5 foot basin!

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